My father has asked – via my mother – for my bank account details. It seems he wants to wire money as a Christmas gift.

  • For years now, there has not been any exchange of Christmas gifts at all in my family; we outgrew that tradition when the last of “the kids” became an adult.
  • When I told my mother that it was really not necessary and that my father should just spend the money on himself (not an empty phrase, I meant it) she was quite insistent that it was “important to him”.
  • Small amounts of cash – say anything up to 100 Euro – could be given as cash, even in a letter – the German postal service is quite reliable.
  • My father is not rich by any meaning of that word.
  • I know he is old and not at all healthy anymore.

His health problems are quite severe for his age, really. I don’t know too many specifics – just what my mother told me over the past year or so.

Of course I could – and hope very much to – be wrong, but I have this nagging suspicion that he is trying to preempt execution of a will. There would be no practical reason as there is no way his cash reserves would exceed the tax free amounts of inheritances in Germany, but I think that I would rather give my money personally as well.

If I find more than a very reasonable amount of money on my bank account I will be very, very worried.