When negotiating salaries, I must always force myself to remember that retail prices – especially of food – have doubled over the past 6-7 years. The conversion to the Euro was the smartest trick to lower effectvie salaries and thus maximize profits that I have ever come across – and I somehow can not believe this is an unintentional side effect.

I was reminded of this when I bought myself a sandwich with ham for lunch today, and paid two Euro for it.

On my way back a woman saw me munch of my sandwich. “Oh god, I am so hungry,” she said to her teenage son. The boy, a youngster of maybe fourteen, was as skinny as a bean pole and looked completely normal. The woman had greasy hair devoid of any kind of cut, oily skin, and was as wide as she was tall. For some reason she had to kiss him on the lips before pulling him towards the bakery. I wonder if that is how psychopaths and rapists are raised.

Another weird couple was on the subway yesterday evening. The woman was a hag and the guy was the prettiest man one can imagine. He even made up with rouge. I considered the concept that they may have been lesbians, but the guy did have a prominent Adam’s apple. Maybe the hag was actually a guy. And do not get me wrong, I am not judging, it is just weird to see such wacky couples.

Not all people I see on the subway are weird, however. This morning I sat opposite the cutest black girl. Very pretty eyes, and large, full lips. I noticed that it was incredibly tough to guess her age, however. I’d say anything between 16 and 25 is possible. I doubt she was much younger or older, but I think opening the conversation with “how old are you” would not have been a smart idea, so I did not risk it. (Well, plus I might be too shy as well.) In general I think keeping one’s hands off of any woman where one feels compelled to check the ID card is probably a prudent strategy.

In the late afternoon, a friend of mine from another city called me. She had her notebook repaired and now some software is gone – presumably the computer was re imaged. I told her where to download it, but it turns out she can’t figure out how to do it. “You really need to visit me and help me with this, Secretgeek!” – To add insult to injury, she is not even hot enough to warrant such special effort. Luckily I was able to weasel out of that. For now, at least.