At the training course I am at we had a sudden power outage – a fuse blew. (Considering how many extension cords these noobs plug into the wall sockets I am not surprised, but that is another matter.)

One of the other participants, a woman sitting somewhat to my right, began to bitch and whine.

“All my notes are gone! Everything is gone! This sucks!”

I turned and saw that she had been taking notes on a notebook computer she had brought along.

“It’s a notebook, doesn’t yours have a battery?”

“No, I left that at home, why?”

“…and you did not save once in two hours?”

“No, should I have?”

I shook my head and turned back. I will now add that she comes from a Microsoft background, is as wide as she is tall, and has a face that you could not cover with a paper bag, out of respect for the poor paper bag, and I think we have all stereotypes covered.

Why can’t there ever be smart, nice, and good-looking women in the information technology industry? I would not even expect them to know what TSR stands for.

Oh, well.

Moving right along…