My Nigerian friend, Bahati, is still alive. After I hadn’t heard from her in a while we had a nice and long chat the other evening. She’s currently in another part of the country. All Nigerians have to take part in a kind of work exchange program, where the state sends each of them to an area dominated by another tribe in an attempt to foster understanding and friendship between the tribes.

Next year, when she is done with that, she plans to start her own business.

And she still wishes to meet me some day.

I have known her, oh, six years now if I am not mistaken, and although there are sometimes months when we do not have an opportunity to talk much she has always been very consistent in her attitude to me. I’ll have to scout the situation out a little bit first, but I think if I can at all arrange it next year I should actually do see if I can visit her. Just because if I don’t I may live to regret it.

Besides, it’d be a grand adventure. I mean, everything could happen in Nigeria. Including, “Geek mistaken for oil worker, gets kidnapped in Lagos”. There’s a book deal right there.