Something weird just happened to me.

I was playing World of Warcraft (yes, yes, I know…) when all of a sudden, for the fraction of a second, my entire vision was… white.

It was not the white of a flash, though it was gone just as quickly. It was the white of holding a bright sheet of paper in front of your eyes, or a pure white display on a new LCD display. I am certain it was not the game, because everything was affected – the screen, my desk, the wall; I saw nothing besides this glaring white. I thought for a moment that it had been a flash, or lightning. But if someone takes a photo outside, it wouldn’t be so visible in my apartment. And the weather is just calm and nice, and there is absolutely no thunderstorm of any type.

Of course I am sure it was some weird freaky optical illusion. Maybe a graphics glitch in the game, although it doesn’t sound too likely, or maybe some sort of blackout, well, white-out. I dunno… but it was really a weird experience.