I was supposed to get a call from a recruiter last Thursday, to discuss possible positions. He didn’t call me at the agreed time, but rather two hours later, apologizing he forgot about our appointment and then had trouble with his phone on the car.

I totally understand that mistakes happen, and that everybody is a human and can screw up now and then. I was a good sport about it, and he’s going to call for a new interview next week.

But can you imagine what would have happened if I, as the candidate, had made that mistake? Most likely I would’ve been disqualified immediately. Hey, there are companies who sort out candidates for much less than that.

It seems to be symptomatic of the relationship between employer and employee. Employers are the alpha specimens, employees have to grovel and be thankful for the crumbs. The idea that loyalty and trust are two-way streets seem to be lost.

So my job hunt continues. I have a (face to face) interview scheduled for next Wednesday, please cross your fingers.