Just another rainy day here. It’s literally pouring down. Kind of mirrors my mood. Took a 40 minutes walk, until my thick woolen coat was soaked and the rain was running down my spine. No help. Tried to sleep, but ended up laying there, awake, pondering life. No good. No matter how I try to analyze things, it always comes out the same. I know I should confront Yunru with what I know about her and that she didn’t tell me, but I know I will just put it off another day.

Unfortunately, Yunru was a bit of a “last straw”. I realize that I like her a whole lot more than I should. Don’t really know when I have been this depressed. Wilma was nothing compared to it, for sure. I guess I either lower my standards or, well, do what I am doing, just give up. Secretgeek’s going to be a 9-5 work drone and his sole hobby will be World of Warcraft.