Okay, I think that’s it. I am now officially done with the dating game. I have found out that Yunru has told me a lot of lies in the past few weeks. The details don’t really matter, but let’s just say it contradicts pretty much everything she has been telling me lately. I found out by chance, but I was able to verify for a fact that, yes, she is not telling the truth.

I didn’t confront her with this discovery yet. I am sure she has a reason for it. I do not doubt for a minute that the reason is, to her, very good. I seriously doubt there is any explanation she could possibly give me that would satisfy me. I feel deeply hurt, because if there was one of my female friends that I trusted and cared about – besides Bahati – then it was Yunru.

Right now I am so disappointed that, were I a women, I’d break down in a corner and cry over a bucket of ice cream. Funny. They have great ways to deal with such a situation. What am I left with? Ranting on a stupid weblog.

When I started the “stupid weblog” over two years ago, I had a depressing life and a job that drove me insane. When I started my new job several months ago, things looked like they might finally improve, that life might finally become acceptable or even, I dared to hope, fun. Now I realize that no matter how much things may change, they really do stay the same when you really look at them.

I give up.