So, I figured, after I’ve now been in my new job for a few months, I’d summarize it a bit. I can only say, changing employers was the best decision I made in a very long time: I love my new job. The pay is better, I got more gadgets / toys than ever before, I get to travel at least some, I get some pretty expensive training courses, the people are really nice, and I have a boss who cares. Oh and my new apartment rocks.

Of course there is one downside: I haven’t any stories for this blog. Sure there are also people who make mistakes, and I am sure in time I will come across some real idiots (it’s a big company again), but so far I have not witnessed or even heard of anything as terrible as, say, the stories about our operations guys in my old job.

I fear Geek’s Secret Life may simply fade for lack of interesting things to write about…