Some people, including Rover, asked me what my opinion on the US election campaign is. Well, it’s pretty simple: I don’t really like any of the candidates. The least evil seems to be Barak Obama (and I am sure I mis-spelled his name, tough luck, you’ll get over it). At least he seems to be more or less uncorrupted by the realities of the political game, and when you look at his Speech about the Rev Wright issue, you can tell that he’s just tired of the whole nonsense and wishes that he could speak to adults for a change.

I used to thinkt hat McCain has a brain in his head, but unfortunately it seems that he’s just playing the same popularity games as everybody else. I do not have any hope that US policy under McCain would change, and that America would become the beacon of freedom, democracy and justice that it should be. It’ll just be the same as now.

Similarly, I fear that Mrs Clinton will not be able to bring anything new to the office. While I find it harder to imagine just what type of president she would be, I think one thing is certain: She would be uninspired and uninspiring. Her team also seems to be more at easy playing the dirty card than others.

Obama seems to be the only candidate which offers at least the chance of change. besides, his Rev Wright speech was pretty good. Judging from my great distance, he’s probably the one I’d vote for.

Note, just in case, because this is a political topic: I will not tolerate name-calling or utter stupidity in the comments. This blog is not a democracy and there is no free speech here. Behave yourself, or I will not approve your comments. Now that we have that out of the way, go ahead and contribute something meaningful please. :)