I get asked this question a lot – and variations of it. “Secretgeek, aren’t you supposed to be a nerd? How do you get all those chicks?”

The truth is, I don’t really “get” them. I am mostly single, with various short term relationships thrown in here and there.

“Alright, but where do you find them?”

This is easier to answer, but there’s no “secret magical method” I use to get to know these girls. It’s the usual methods: Real life, and the Internet. On the Internet, I meet most of the people I know either by pure chance (message boards, online games, my weblogs) or via websites dedicated to such things (social networking and contact sites, etc – I am rather well connected by now).

In real-life, I meet a lot of the women I know indirectly through work. You see, my last job brought me to the airport a lot. And there’s a lot of beautiful and interesting women at airports. Some work for the airlines (or the airport etc), but most are travelers. It’s incredibly easy to get their contact information, if you really want to. I guess I rate higher than a three hour layover doing nothing. Some others I’ve met purely by chance, for example at a local Internet cafe (which a lot of them use to contact their folks back home) and so on. The city I used to live in for my old job had a pretty high percentage of foreigners, mostly Asians and Africans.

And that explains why I’ve met so many Asian chicks, for example: I find German women exceedingly boring (well, most of them anyway) and they’re probably lonely strangers in a strange land.

Of course they eventually realize they can do a lot better than date Secretgeek, which is why nothing ever works out. I’m not putting myself down here, but if a girl is pretty, intelligent, well educated, has decent manners and is financially independent or even wealthy, they can have pretty much the pick of the litter, so to speak.

Now I am fast approaching 30 and I’m still – again – single. So you may wish to think twice before emulating my methods.