We haven’t had any Random Acts of Evil in a long time, but here’s something that’s messed while being, well, more of an everyday sort of evil:

A speeding motorist who killed a teenage cyclist is suing the boy’s parents over damage to his luxury car, the government says.

Enaitz Iriondo, 17, died instantly in August 2004 when businessman Tomas Delgado’s Audi A8 crashed into him at 100 mph near Haro in northern Spain, an Interior Ministry traffic report said. The speed limit was 55 mph.


Delgado, whose insurance company paid Iriondo’s parents $48,500 in compensation for their son’s life, filed a suit in late 2006 to recover $29,400 in damages to his car and car rental costs, the ministry traffic report said.

In most countries this would be laughed out of court.

Update: There’s a whole website dedicated to outing Mr. Delgado. A worthy goal and thus herewith linked.