Today is Hans’ last day. I couldn’t be happier. He’s offering drinks and snacks and telling everybody who’ll listen what a great guy he is. He’s telling a whole lot of lies about his departure, too – As someone who has witnessed it all these lies are grossly obvious. Of course he portrays himself as nothing short but a hero. That’s the thing about Hans, he’s all charismatic and nice and friendly… as long as he wants something of you. Oh, yeah, and he’s getting replaced by four guys: But he’s implying this is because of all the work. In reality it is because he didn’t do a clean hand-over. I’d really like to blog the specifics, but, I can’t very well do it.

I’m just glad that the m-f’er is gone. I’m not touching any of the food he’s handing out.

Good riddance, Hans. May you some day learn to stop being an egoistic swine. And when you die I’ll come and pee on your grave.