By now most people at work know I am leaving. My boss wasn’t exactly happy when I told him yesterday, but I didn’t have the impression he cared a lot. Found out that two other guys are thinking about leaving, George and Mark. Sven wants to stay at least another half-year. Hans stopped caring completely; if he keeps up the pace of his deteriorating relations to some of our colleagues and customers he’ll be calling them four-lettered words at around this time next week.

Nadine’s daughter has to work and can’t go to Paris with me. “I hope we can go somewhere else, sometime,” she told me. – Huh?!

Jessica disappeared again, for now at any rate. But on the other hand Wilma and I are talking to each other again. Just as “friends”; and no worries – there’s no chance of a relapse. But I am always happy when I am not hated by someone.

Finally, and most unfortunately, I did not win the 43 million Euro lottery jackpot. Some justice.