I am going to go to Paris for a weekend soon, to meet a friend of mine. Today I told my Turkish friend, Nadine, about this plan when I was visiting her for dinner. Nadine talked me in taking her daughter along.

“She really needs to get out of the house and see a little bit of the world.”

Nadine’s daughter is 18.

I was very reluctant, as I thought this might be very inappropriate. Nadine insisted. I finally gave in. Nadine called her daughter (who had been in her own room) and told her about the idea. She brightened up and said she would really like to go. We’ll still need to work out if everybody’s schedule is compatible.

Nadine later told me that she really trusted me, of all people, to travel with her daughter. Of course I would never make a move on an 18 year old, much less the daughter of a friend. But I still feel awkward about it, even if that awkwardness is a little presumptuous.