As you know I have been looking for a job recently (with some success as it seems, though it’s not yet signature time). But there are two things that I find quite worrying.

First of all, about 95% of the inquiries I got via were simply – crap. Seriously, they were nonsense. In the best cases it was clear that the recruiter had done a simple keyword match. Sometimes, even that wasn’t clear, and I can’t but help to think that they simply sent their positions out to everybody. (I call this the “shotgun method of recruiting”.)

The second thing is the lack of responses you get. Remember the people who actually had the guts to ask for me to take a stiff cut on my salary? Well, guess what – it’s been six weeks and they never got back to me. Am I asking too much to expect a company to actually send a rejection if they find my conditions unacceptable?

Recruiters/employers always expect a candidate to bend over, and many will throw your application out if you make even a small mistake. I have come to the conclusion that most recruiters do not live up to their own standards.

In a classic case of moral superiority, I have sent the salary cut people a polite email stating that I have received another offer and that I am withdrawing my “application” to them. And I managed, through a lot of willpower, to avoid mention that the other company will pay market prices for salaries… or to call them out on their failure to get back to me with a “sorry it’s taking so long” or a rejection.

But they should not hope that I will ever again be available to this company, or to this recruiter… and I won’t have any problem telling my friends privately who they were.