When I started working here many years ago, we simply talked to our customers and offered specialized solutions for each application. A few years ago we were told to offer a standardized platform. By providing this, it was thought that our internal customers could develop for a fixed target platform, and we also would be able to ensure lower prices. This, of course, is sound theory.

But you know how it is with theories.

It turns out people are just not able to adhere to a standard. When we looked at a list of our “standard contracts”, we noted that not a single one of our customers had bought the entire thing without modifications. And I can of course understand it, to some extent. What I do not understand, however, is that someone wants to set up a production application responsible for a business critical process on a bleeding edge pre-beta version of Tomcat.

I think I talked my boss out of doing that… at least he won’t agree to us supporting that pre-beta version, even if he OK’s the customer using the software.