Considering I will host a visitor from, ah, far away very soon, I decided to clean up my place thoroughly. And boy it’s a lot of work. Not so much because I have a big place or something, but rather because I decided to go through all of my old stuff and finally throw away everything I do not really need anymore.

Let me just say it was high time. I didn’t even realize I had accumulated so much stuff in the few years I have been living here. I have two full garbage bags of clothes to start off with (so heavy, in fact, that I had to split them up into four half-bags – so much for the “tear-proof” claim on the bag’s label).

Then I have an old 19″ server (4U… it probably weighs 40 kg) sitting in a corner of my kitchen. That has to go. And the old PC. I am still debating what to do about the boxes of old books and computer games that I never unpacked when I moved here. I love books, and I loved all those old games, but if I haven’t touched them in all those years – do I really need to keep them?

And then I haven’t even started to work on what I really need to fix: I have so much old paper here (ancient bills , role-playing game notes from when I was a young man and so on) that it fills at least 10 big ring binders; and probably about 100 meters of CAT5 cabling that I need to untangle.

Hm. Cat5 cables? That gives me an idea.