Andrew is at it again. He recently was assigned administrative duty of one aspect of our work, ordering licenses for a particular software after we changed suppliers. Before the switch each team member could order them as he or she needed them.

So I sent Andrew requests for five licenses, and never got any feedback from him at all. Last Thursday he finally sent a word file with a “documentation”. I use the term lightly; the documentation stated, in a two-page text that would have gotten me a “failing” grade in middle school, what information he needs to order a new license.

  1. Company: This is always our company, so it’s never variable
  2. Server name
  3. Customer the license should be made out to

In normal cases, the “Customer” doesn’t get the license in his name; but there are exceptions. So I sent him back an email:

Hello Andrew,
Company is always our company. You have the server names. Customer is always Hans, except for xyz, where the customer is Mr. so-and-so and abc, where the customer is Mr. whatever.

I got an email back from him, stating that he needs the information exactly in the form described in the “documentation”. I ignored this and simply forwarded it to our boss.

Yesterday, he was in our office. I asked him what my licenses were doing. “Nothing,” he said, and I ripped into him for unprofessional work and for his 4th-grader documentation style. I guess it was enough that he felt forced to send another email, telling me I had to submit the information exactly in the format he specified; one license per email. He cc’ed Hans and our boss.

Of course, I had already talked to my boss; and he agreed that this is pure nonsense. Andrew is trying a little dominance game here; but what he doesn’t realize is that, when it comes to this kind of thing, he will inevitably lose. If our boss can not stand one thing then it’s someone who wastes his time – and money – in such idiotic games. And I actually prepared my battle against Andrew by telling my boss the story of the cutlery. He was not surprised. “I have another story for you, tomorrow,” he said. “I’m going out with the wife today and I really don’t want to get in a bad mood now.”

Secretgeek 1, Andrew 0? We’ll find out today.

Update, a few hours later: I am now getting my licenses. Yes, Secretgeek 1; Andrew 0.