Samantha didn’t know The Simpsons. Until I brought her a harddrive with eight seasons on it. Now she’s really enjoying them, or at least so she claims. But there’s one problem: She says her English sometimes isn’t good enough to understand the dialog. And since they’re .avi’s they came without subtitles. I’ve spent a moment last night and obtained subtitle files from a popular p2p network. Rename the files to match the video, copy them to the correct folder, works like a charm if you use MPUI (a Secretgeek recommendation if there ever was one, by the way).

Result? Samantha is happy, not only because she can now understand The Simpsons better and use the show to train her English; but she is also happy because I made the effort to find these files for her. I guess it’s the small things.

Note: Private copying of files is legal in Germany, so spare me the debate. Thanks. (Besides, Groening has enough money.)