We got an email from our CEO today. The content is very simple: One of our biggest project has been canceled by the top management of our parent corporation. The reasons cited are cost overruns, delays and “quality problems”. I guess you have to work in a large corporation to know what it means for such a project to be canceled for these reasons. We’re talking about a project here into which the company, as a whole, has easily invested 75 million US dollars already.


The top management of the subsidiary I work for had always used this project as the main project that would not only keep our company very profitable, but would also ensure that our parent would not sell us off.

Ouch again.

The CEO ensured the staff that no lay-offs were to be expected from the cancellation of the project. But does that really matter? For our company this is a little like, say, Microsoft having to give up Office. It won’t kill the company – but it’s serious damage.

While our department had not been involved the big project, the bad news didn’t help any with the mood of my colleagues. Hans is still working on his career (he hasn’t said much about it lately, but from the bits that I note I think his search isn’t going badly). Even Sven, a contractor, whose loyalty is ensured by a rather good paycheck, has started to mention how fed up he is with everything. Not in front of our boss, of course, or any outsiders. But when only Hans and I are around, and maybe George and a few other “close coworkers”, everybody’s speculating about how long it will take for us to be sold, and everybody is musing about “leaving quickly”.

As for me, and this is the good news, I have my plans in place. Naturally I cannot say too much about them. They involve a time frame of about two years, and they will definitely take me out of the country. Rover, who has been telling me that I need to get my act together and get moving, was right (and should be pleased that I am finally starting to move, no pun intended).

It’s a risky move, too. When I first came to this city, I left behind my friends and family, but it’s only an hour’s flight back home. When everything works out, it’ll be more like 12 hours to fly back home. And don’t even get me started about finances…

Either way, I really need to try something new and to change my way of life. The old one wasn’t really that thrilling. No, let me rephrase it: The old way of life is not even remotely satisfying.

So, we’ll see what will happen with this blog. For the moment, everything will continue the same.

Thanks for listening. :)