Really. Almost literally. I have nothing really to write about; Work is quiet enough (and actually a little boring) so that I can even leave early most days.

Hans is looking for a job outside the company.

Our boss ignored requests from me to get paid for on call duty (we currently only get a – very small – amount of time reimbursed for it). I have already stopped “volunteering” for the on call duties of special events, and I am going to leave my mobile phone in the office as soon as I bought a new one for me personally.

A friend of mine talked to me about the company I work for. “Surely, with such a large corporation, you have a lot of possibilities – transfers to other places, training, career?” I told him this is not the case. “Their current strategy is to make work life as unpleasant as they can, so that as many people as possible will resign.”

And I haven’t watched The Simpsons movie yet.