People found this blog by searching for the following phrases:

  • kenya whores (Alright, this isn’t my area of expertise; I am guessing this person was looking for Sandniggah)
  • japanese chicks (Aren’t we all interested in that?)
  • lapdance kyoto (I’ll check next time I am there)
  • didn’t mean to cheat (Liar)
  • how to date a chinese girl (I wish I knew)
  • why do girls bitch so much (Hormonal problems?)
  • geek how to find a girlfriend (Dude you got the wrong blog, but tell me if you figure it out)
  • chinese girls in panties (Send some my way)
  • constructive things to do with spare time (Come on! I blog! What do I know about that subject?)
  • i used to watch my sister take shower (You pervert!)
  • the differences between black and white (I really don’t know what to say about that)
  • how to ask a japanese woman out (I am really not the right person to answer that).

(I’ve listed some search queries before: Here and here)