This is for Sandniggah:

A British Airways flight was delayed for several hours after women members of the Qatari royal family objected to sitting next to men they did not know.


Cabin crew tried to move the passengers to different seats, but those travelling with other people refused to change.

Sheikh Badr then reportedly got up and walked to the pilot’s cabin to complain.


“The people were offloaded because they failed to comply with safety instructions when the aircraft was taxiing,” he said.

Later in the evening, the royals travelled business class with the Italian carrier, Alitalia, with their staff in economy.

Read the entire story at the BBC News website.

My opinion: All so-called royals and all so-called nobles should be beheaded publically. Yes, all of them, with no exception. But priority treatment should be given to such retarded assholes, while we may be a bit lenient with inoffensive royals, such as Queen Elizabeth and give them spots near the end of the purge.