So now Wilma is trying the “I-hate-you” routine. I am the evil one, and she only wanted me to improve myself, for my own good. And she is still worried about my health and yadda-yadda-yadda. And so on. “I never want to end a friendship with so much hatred” – “Why did I waste 2 years of my life on this” – and “I almost threw my life away on such a bad trade”. And of course I am really selfish and all.


I told her that, should it help her, she is free to see herself as the victim. Which again she turned around and told me that was just me being mean and sarcastic.

Of course, on the other hand, she “missed me sometimes” and “had so much love” for me.

Well, duh, little woman, grow up please.

I ended the little talk with the offer “Let’s not fight, OK?”

She pretty much ignored that, but she did calm down. And tried to get me to admit whether or not I had a new girlfriend. But she didn’t quite ask. So I didn’t tell her.