It’s a mantra! I love my co-workers! I love my co-workers…

So, here’s what happened: Colleague sent a request on Friday night, 23:00. The next week, I was really busy and didn’t get around to reply. On thursday was a holiday here. On Thursday this guy also sent a mail “hey, I need a reply”. Naturally not getting a reply.

He then escalated the whole matter via the customer before I was in the office at 8:30 am on last Friday. I replied to his original inquiry, and added: “Please be advised that yesterday was a holiday here.”

His reply? “But no holiday here, and that means we do not stop to work.”

He was also unhappy with my reply, and threatened more escalation if I didn’t send a better reply before Monday 1pm. And then escalated it on Friday 6:00pm.

I love my corworkers. I love my coworkers. I love…

Agenda for today: Call his boss and have a word with her.