“i am a mermaid i ‘ve got pictures” – What the hell?

“fake mermaids” and “Real mermaid pictures” (Ha!)

“geeks with asian girlfriends” – Guess that worked

“naughty stuff to do with girlfriend” – I am getting new suggestions almost every day

but “dominating your asian”? Is that like “fixing your computer”?

“first date that goes terribly wrong” … Okay.

“do black girls like white boys” and “do white girls like smart black guys”. Interesting difference in phrasing; I wish I knew whether this came from the same person.

“how to date a Chinese girl” – I guess I could write a book about that some day. Or, more exactly, I could write a book on how not to date them.

Then there are really niche questions like “what asian girls like mexicans” and really stupid stuff like “I fell in subway station can I sue”. Hint: No. Stop being a stupid egoistic idiot. Correction: Stop being a stupid CLUMSY egoistic idiot.

Let’s see what else we got. Oh, “Killing myself virgin at 25” is a good one too. Hint: Just hire a hooker if you are desperate to kill yourself over this. Or start dating maybe?

“naughty chinese girls” and “naughty geek girls”.

And always we return to the subject of asian girls: “dark marks asian women butt” and “japanese girlfriend (secret site)”.

Truth be told, there is of course a lot of boring stuff in there too. I really wish I knew what search engine these terms came from so I could look up my ranking.