I am honestly getting fed up of this. People just do not think. I mean, I know it’s warm, and I know it’s hard to use one’s brain. But if you and your two ugly kids stand in front of the door of the tram – go fucking step aside so other people can exit or enter.

When the shopping baskets at the supermarket have all been taken, and are standing where people queue up for the cash register – don’t fucking go through the cash register’s aisle from the front; you can circle around and get a basket from the other side. Sure, you will end up walking about ten meters more, but it’s much easier to reach the baskets from that side. And you know something? You fat bitch could actually stand to move more. Don’t push past four people, smearing them with your sweat and the greasy makeup you think makes you attractive. I guess I should be grateful you picked the line I didn’t stand in.

And when you fucking feel like OD’ing on booze – don’t go on the tram and sit in a puddle of what by its smell can only be described as a fifty-fifty combination of beer and urine. Stay at home if you have one, or at least do us all the favor and jump into the river. It’s right there, down that road, three minutes tops. Even if you get out again, you’ll definitely be cleaner than before.

I fucking hate living in a country where the average person has less than half my IQ.