I can so understand why some people go postal and shoot their co-workers. Luckily for people here, I am a pacificst, hate the sight of blood and am acutely scared of guns. I don’t take any drugs either which could make me forget those fears.

Co-worker Hans told one of our external contractors to simply plug in a switch to one of the ethernet wall sockets.

In our old offices we had the problem that the dhcp servers ran out of IP adresses due to employees running “illegal” PCs in the offices. Result? Legal workstations didn’t get any IPs anymore and people couldn’t work.

Hans’ opinion? “That’s the problem of the networking team.”

Uh, yeah, I agree that the issue could be solved better. If I had the responsibility for running the LAN I’d insist on whitelisting MAC adresses. But to just ignore a known issue like that is what I call active sabotage.

If cables are the problem, why can’t this contractor simply use WLAN?

Idiots. All idiots.