I am the only one in the office today – since tomorrow is a holiday most people have taken off. I mean, literally, I’ve run into one other person from our department so far.

When I launched Outlook I found four incident waiting for us.

  1. An incident that is for a system that does not concern us (as soon as the words “unix” or “web” appear in the ticket, the helpdesk/dispatchers like to shove it our way). Easily solved.
  2. A ticket for a system that concerns a team that we “inherited”. Luckily, the guy that I ran into earlier is also the admin for this system. Ticket forwarded.
  3. A ticket asking us to update our documentation in the documentation database. This one was actually here last week, and I told them what I thought of it. That is, I find it absolutely stupid to open an incident ticket (ie. a notification about an impairment of a productive system) about such an issue. Anyway, they sent it back claiming this was “established procedure”. Easily solved too, I’ve forwarded this one to Hans. If it is actual procedure, I’ll expect him to end that nonsense.
  4. And now the punchline, so to speak. A ticket about a configuration for a bank customer. “A login stopped working”. This had me panicked for a moment before I realized that the ticket was about twelve days old. Sven had actually noticed that the login in question had never been ordered. Eleven days ago it was then ordered and Sven had added the login. The ticket did a little loop via the helpdesk and had then idled in our operation team’s queue for a week. Every time it was alerting, they simply added an “ack” to the ticket until they today decided not to feel responsible for it and forwarded it to us.

Oh, yeah, give it to me baby. I want more! Let me suffer from the incompetence of other people. I really do need “DEADLINE ALERT” tickets before 9am.

I mean… Why could our ops guys not simply have forwarded the ticket back to us a week ago?