Hans and Sven are both back. Sven can’t talk to Hans directly, because then Gaby and I would overhear their conversation. So they’re chatting in ICQ. I know this because Sven told Hans to sign in.

This morning Hans and our boss went for a 30 minutes smoke break, which was followed by a general 90 minutes lunch break. They’ve been back for about 15 minutes and now Hans and Sven are planning to go to a supermarket, shopping.

What pisses me off so much about that is not only the childish attitude, but also the whole faking thing. Because at the same time they’re all complaining they’re oh-so-busy and don’t-know-how-to-fit-it-all-in-the-day. And so on, you know the spiel.

Meanwhile, our customers had me change several applications around on a test server. Now another person from that company called and said they’re not able to launch these applications anymore. No surprise, seeing as how the URLs have changed. Luckily, they will discuss this internally; but I am thinking that I will probably have to undo the changes later.

And don’t even get me started about the temperatures. It’s easily 26°C outside. The bottom line is: I am suffering.

As I am about to submit this, Hans and Sven left for their shopping. This will be minimum another 30 minutes. I think I am doing something wrong here.