Halle Berry escapes her celebrity status by chatting online, the BBC reports:

“I was just trying to chat anonymously and just be another person in the chat room having a conversation,” explains Berry.

“When I decided to say: ‘Oh by the way, the person you’ve been chatting with for a week is me, Halle Berry,’ they thought I was just some kook.

“They were like: ‘Right, sure, get out of here.’ They didn’t really believe me at that point. So chatting hasn’t gone that well for me.”

Kinda makes me wonder who all of your are gonna turn out to be. I know some of you, of course, but the rest of you could turn out to be pretty much anybody. Even regular Internet freaks. And if, for example, Dizzy came out and declared her celebrity status, of course I’d never believe a word of it. (Hey, Dizzy, Secretwink, are you still around anyway?)

Still, it’s an amusing story, even if it is just to promote a movie.