Today was the big presentation of the big reorganization. Host was the big boss himself. Thought it might be interesting, but in the end they did not do much more than present the new organizational chart, and introduce a lot of new people who all talked way too long with way too little semantic content.

There were, however, a few interesting bits.

  • No more mention of outsourcing to India
  • “Innovation” is suddenly the corporate strategy. Before, it was “being cheaper than the competition”.
  • No mention of why this reshuffle ought to work better than the last five reorgs
  • The big boss basically pleaded employees to “make the new strategy work”

The most sensible comment came from the first speaker from the crowd. She reminded the big boss not to forget the employees and that a lot of us are “already pushed to the limit”. I can vouch for that myself; there is a lot of work being left uncompleted because all the technicians (this explicitely excluding Hans) are busy up to their ears.

Anyway. We’ll see.

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