I am so tired of the antisocial behaviour of the fuckers I work with. Sorry, but it’s true. Antisocial.

Today I had a critical change on a system at noon. Thought it’d be good to have a second pair of eyes on the problem, so I invited Sven to “fix server, then go to lunch afterwards”. His reply?

“Sorry, I will have to go to lunch before that.”

I told him I couldn’t go along, because they intended to go to a restaurant nearby which would result in at least 1h break. That way I would never be back in time for my change.


Hans and Sven went alone. For 90 minutes. And half an hour later Sven told Hans to check his MSN messages. They then took their coats and left for another 45 minutes. They returned with some groceries – mostly fruit. I can only assume they had talked about it in MSN instead of saying the words out loud for fear of someone may wanting to come along or, even worse, ask them to bring something.

Then at the same time both are whining about having too much to do. Hans was actually attempting to unload tedious tasks unto me. I was quite good about that, and sent them back to him. Likely these will never get done in time. Not my problem.

I am not sure whether you can understand how disgusting I consider this kind of behaviour. This is a type of person I would never, ever, talk to in my private life.

I fully intend to live by that plan in the future, though. I will never, ever, offer to bring anything to these guys, or anything similar to that.