Well, I am now and herewith officially on a diet. I’ve bought a scale and while my weight is classified, I can say I have some way to go before I reach an “ideal” weight. But I’ll report back here every month with a status update on my progress. That way you can all scold me if I don’t show results.

I’m using the Hacker’s Diet as a basic guideline. The basic assumption here is that you got to eat fewer calories than you burn (which is all that losing weight really boils down to). The Hacker’s Diet also has a whole bunch of toys and tools to keep statistics. Keeping statistics about something is cool. And logging progress is the best motivation.

While some people say that the type of calories you eat makes a difference, I saw a BBC documentary the other day which suggested this isn’t really the case, but that protein-rich food actually helps to curb appetite.

Finally, while I am not going to go rush out and sign up for some sort of fitness program, I am trying to stop being a complete office potato. There’s really only one “sport” I like anyway and that is something one shouldn’t pay for.