There is a problem with a reverse proxy. The (internal) customer complained about it. I test it and find out: The backend system simply isn’t giving back any data. The connection is established, the system pings, there’s just no http coming over the connection. Nothing. Of course the connection eventually times out.

Customer: If I test the application locally, it works.

Secretgeek: That may be the case, but what do you expect me to do?

Customer: It must be a DNS problem, and you should fix it.


Secretgeek: What?

Customer: A DNS problem. If it works for me, and not for you, it must be DNS.

Secretgeek: Seriously, no. That has nothing to do with DNS. I don’t know what the exact problem is, but I suggest that you check the backend for errors. I can’t do that, as I have no access.

Customer: I have forwarded you an email from the backend administrator.

I open my Outlook and find the email.

Backend guy (written in email): The html installation in the backend was successful. It is a copy of the other html installation, which was tested and is working; therefore this html installation is also working.

HTML Installation?

For the love of all that is pure and logical, why do I have to work with such people? What department can I forward such emails to, can I report such conversations to, that these people get fired immediately for gross incompetence? I do not expect anybody to know everything – in fact I will be the first to admit my own ignorance – but if you don’t have any fucking clue what the words mean that you are using then just shut the fuck up.

Maybe some day I will write a book. “IT know-how for managers and other idiots”.