Had lunch in a nearby hotel’s restaurant with four co-workers today.

  • Only one person in our group had served in the military
  • Two persons had served jail-time
  • Four thought that a revolution in Germany couldn’t possibly be a bad idea
  • The fifth person thought that a covert propaganda war would be a better course of action
  • Three agreed that the way our democracy is set up was inherently flawed and needs to be radically changed to work
  • One thought that a monarchy would be a good idea
  • One agreed but extended the plan to create a “European Empire”
  • Four of us discussed the possibilities of abusing electronic voting machines to rig an election
  • We all had a lively debate of “grassroots” vs state-sponsored terrorism
  • And finally discussed current trends of airport security and the best ways to defeat it

I’m sure we made a pretty strange group. And I must say I did feel a little closer to my co-workers today.