My buddy Marcus has problems with job applicants, and I have problems with those looking for employees. I know that some may think I am too picky – I sometimes wonder myself – but I do think that I am really not. After all, an employer would expect applicants to put some care in the way they apply for an opening; so why should I not expect prospective employers to do the same?

It’s been a while since I posted my CV over at As you may have noticed in other posts on this blog I really don’t like my job, but since there are some nice side benefits I am not in a huge hurry to run somewhere else; it’s not “unbearable”. Therefore my job search has been pretty passive.

And I do get replies from There are a few genuine ones that just aren’t interesting enough, but most fall into two categories:

One: The people who clearly didn’t read and/or understand my CV. They offer interviews for positions which I am only borderline qualified for, or which mismatch some other criteria. For example, I quite clearly did not check “Germany” as an acceptable location for a job, but they would offer a position in Germany.

Two: The people who fish for contacts. This is usually done by stating that they have JUST the right position for me, and if only I were so kind as to contact them directly with my CV they’d tell me what this is about.

I don’t even bother to reply to these people. I think they’re just automatically sending that garbage out to any profile they come across and which matches certain criteria (location of applicant, for example). “Category One” head hunters need to improve their filters, at least. “Category Two” head hunters should just go to hell and die a slow death.

If you cannot take the time and energy to at least somehow match your responses to applicants, then why should I talk to you? If you automate even such basic tasks, does this mean that my superior in your corporation will be a decommissioned car manufacturing robot?

Let me talk to an HR person who at least marginally knows what type of skill set they are trying to hire and I will be all ears.