Our company is organizing a donation drive for the victims of the floods in Jakarta. Benefactors will be our 26 colleagues in our Jakarta branch office, some of which “lost everything”. To explain how dramatic the situation is, the email states that over 340000 people have been made homeless by the disaster.

I do not know the exact situation of those 26 colleagues, and of course I realize that one helps friends, family, and other “close” people before helping strangers. But these 26 guys work for a German company. I will go so far as to say that I am a hundred percent certain that these guys would manage just fine compared to many of the other victims. I have been to Jakarta. I have seen how people live there. Even when nature isn’t washing away their houses many of these people live in ways that Europeans would never accept.

I replied suggesting a general donation campaign instead via our corporation’s charity fund organization. But somehow I doubt they will do that.