Continued from part two.

A few weeks after the first date with Nina I took the ICE high speed train to get to my hometown in the northern part of Germany. The trip took four hours, but the ICE’s are very comfortable and I actually enjoyed the ride. I had made sure to have a seat reservation; and after I had chased the person who occupied my seat away, I was all set. Thanks to my then shiny new iBook I had something to play with.

My mother picked me up at the central station. The next day I made arrangements to meet Nina. She told me the way to her sister’s apartment where she was staying. “Call me when you arrive at the station, and I will explain how to get to the house.” To get there involved a very complicated route with several changes of bus lines. I made it, and called her.

“Do you see that big apartment building to your left?”

I turned around and saw what she meant.

“That’s where I live. I can see you from here. 10th floor.” She told me the apartment number. So I walked there, took the lift, and there I was. I rang the apartment’s doorbell and Nina opened the door.

“Hello Secretgeek,” she said, motioning me to enter. She showed me to the living room and offered me something to drink. We talked a little and quickly decided to have something to eat. So Nina got dressed and we went out for dinner. Nothing fancy – Chinese – her request. And talked. Got back to her place a few hours later.

“Take a seat in the living room,” she said. “I will be with you shortly. I just want to take a shower.” I did so and she left.

I heard Nina take her shower in the background and basically just waited and looked around. The living room wasn’t in any way noteworthy, really. Two leather couches arranged at a right angle and pointed towards a TV, a small glass table in the middle of the room. Eventually, the shower noise stopped and a little while later Nina appeared again, wearing one of those African robes. And I was sure she was wearing only that: Pointy nipples on perky breasts – clearly visible through her dress.

Perfection, wrapped in dark orange cloth.

“Secretgeek,” she addressed me. “Look what I found in my sister’s room.” She held a small photo towards me. Nina in a tiny bikini on a couch. “Nice,” I replied, and tried not to let my voice sound hoarse.

She had picked out a movie to watch. Nina was laying on one couch; “I’d rather be on this couch alone, I get nervous when people are too close” she had explained even before I had even made a motion to occupy space next to her. So as a compromise I sat on the floor in front of her couch, leaning on the other one. Close, but not too close.

The movie turned out to to be some sort of drama/romance movie. Black actors. And of course with the mandatory sex scene when the protagonist got the girl. I never made a move, mostly because I was horribly shy; partially because she had requested her own space earlier. Sometime during the movie the apartment’s door opened and a second African woman came in. “A friend of my sister,” Nina explained. The woman just smiled and waved and didn’t disturb us.

Eventually the movie ended, and it had become quite late. I left not much later; Nina escorted me to the corner to the main street. When the taxis were in sight, she said: “I’ll better get back inside.” Even though it was summer, the night was chilly – and Nina was still wearing her African robe.

“Thanks,” I said. I hesitated. “I’d really like to give you a hug,” I blurted out lamely. She laughed.

“Next time,” she said and smiled.

We bid our farewells. She went back to her place, and I took the next cab home.

To be continued in the fourth and final part: It all goes terribly wrong.