Yeah, I really want to cut down on my fast food consumption. As in, stop entirely. But I broke down today as I hadn’t really eaten anything worth mentioning all weekend. So I was starving and went to KFC for some Chicken. Anyway, I hadn’t been there in months so I decided -what the hell- and just went.

There are two KFCs where I live, and the one closer to my home is the one in a subway station in the city center. The problem with this KFC is that they always employ the cutest girls to sell you your chicken. I am not entirely sure how this happens; maybe the franchisee has similar tastes to mine; or maybe he just figures that everything sells better if the salesperson is cute. The former manager had a tendency to hire Chinese or at least Asians (which was probably related to her also being Asian).

I hadn’t even been thinking of that when I walked into the KFC. Two lines were open, some not really too pretty Asian chick on the left side, and someone I couldn’t see due to large people in the line on the right side. Lined up in the left side queue ’cause it was shorter.


The salesperson handing out chicken to the right queue customers turned out to be one sexy girl. Slim, dark-skinned (half-black), black hair, cute face. And she spoke German and English with a distinct French accent and a very sexy voice. Hum!

I was already expecting to switch to the other queue when the guy in front of me left (complaining about slow service). Well, he was old, ugly, with that reddish face alcoholics get. Not surprised he couldn’t appreciate beauty when he finds it. Of course this meant it was my turn, and I never even could read the cute girl’s name tag.

I’m thinking I’ll have to pick up some chicken for dinner again soon.