I love huge corporations and trade unions. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think trade unions are an important concept. But when a huge corporation is negotiating with a trade union I never asked to negotiate for me, then that just annoys me. Not that I have a choice, really, because our contracts are based on those negotiations and that’s mandatory; a “take it or leave” kind of proposition.

In the many years I have worked here the trade union excelled at one thing; making employer-friendly compromises in these “difficult times”.

Today I got to work and found an amendment to my contract. Basically the entire salary structure of the corporation has been changed. This doesn’t actually have any practical effects on me immediately, as I am in the middle of the range for my salary group, but all the maximum incomes have been neatly rounded down. And considering this is the first change in three years, I am quite amazed to find that the yearly pay increase has been raised from 57 Euros to an amazing 58.75 Euros. Yes, that is per month; but I mean – come on – 1.75 Euros? That’s an insult. They could have just left it at the old numbers. Hell, changing all the contracts probably cost them more than this pay increase.

I guess I understand the desire to lower your cost, but in a company that has huge quality problems based on overly complex processes and unmotivated employees this is not the way to improve the situation. I am not suggesting to throw money at the employees, but at least make people feel like they are getting ahead or something.