Yes, I need more sleep. The night from Saturday to Sunday I couldn’t sleep because I had slept a few hours earlier in the evening, and then someone in the house argued quite loudly for most of the rest of the night. Then, last night, I was tired like crazy but I still couldn’t sleep before 2am or so. When my alarm clock rang at 6:30 in the morning I got up and reset it to 7:00am. Went back to bed, only to have the alarm clock ring immediately. I guess I really needed that additional half-hour. In fact, I could go right back to sleep, but I think if I did that I would never wake up in time for work. But it’s still dark and that bed is awfully tempting.

Why is it that the Monday mornings are always the mornings on which I could relax very nicely in bed, and never Saturdays or Sundays? Why is it that it always takes until Monday morning that I start feeling ready for relaxation?