Well the iPhone is nicely designed. No question about that. The form-factor is pretty sweet, and I have no doubt it is fun to use. And if you’re using an iPod nano, the iPhone will save you one gadget too.

But I already think the 60 GB storage on my iPod aren’t enough. And quite frankly I don’t use my mobile telephone for anything except, well, telephone calls. Maybe a text message every now and then, but I really hate typing them on those crappy little keyboards.

The iPhone simply doesn’t add any value to that. And it doesn’t come with GPS, so it’s no good as a navigation device either.

I am still waiting for the MacBook Mini – that’s what I dub my dream of an ultraportable Mac notebook. Something that is sub-12″, ideally sub-10″, very lightweight and flat, with a very long battery life. Something to fill the gap between those dumb, useless PDAs and those horribly heavy notebooks. Something I can carry around with me no matter where I go without carrying a heavy bag and thus ruining my back. Something that lets me be truly independent and mobile for the entire day.

Sony has a few Vaio models in the 11.1″ size category that are kind of like that, but I would really prefer something that runs Mac OS X.