Great Britain, India, and the world of fast food entertainment have a new scandal: Contestants on the British Big Brother show are said to have used racial slurs to insult the celebrity prisoner in the glass container, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

No matter what was or wasn’t said on the show or off the air, what amazes me about such scandals is how people can get worked up about something where they should have seen the negative consequences from, like, ten miles away. Letting your boyfriend fuck you on a public beach is one of them. Going on Big Brother and then being offended by it is another of them.

I remember when Big Brother first came out. Oh, the sensation it was. Oh the ruckus it caused. Oh how people got worked up about the scandalous premise of the show. And that was even before people who had been contestants on the show used their fifteen minutes of fame to spam us with horrible music or acting careers that were shipwrecks before they started. And I remember how dumb I thought the idea for the show was. And still do.

It amazes me how otherwise sensible, smart people can sit down in front of the telly and watch, well, other people’s ordinary lives. How far down the pits of boredom do you have to be before you start to voluntarily watch video surveillance footage?

And how messed up do you have to be to get worked up over something that happens on a show that is designed to further conflict between the people on it, that is designed to tease out the worst in the contestant, a show that is designed for the contestants to use any and all means to catch your attention?

Miss Shetty has only herself to blame for joining that circus. Instead of – or rather, in addition to – taking offense at whatever may have been said in that madhouse, the British and Indian public should just scold Miss Shetty and the other people who voluntarily signed up for that show. These people wanted publicity at any price, and that is what they got. And if you, the audience, cannot handle it, you know what? Go watch something else. Or even better, read a book. Or go outside and take a walk. Whatever.

But whatever you do, just ignore Big Brother. You pay attention and you play into their scheme. You are the direct reason why there will be another show and another show of this complete and utter garbage.

And Miss Shetty? Learn to respect yourself, and do not sell yourself out like that.