I just realized: We don’t get christmas gifts anymore. Years ago, when I was still working for a different company, we used to get all kinds of really cool gifts from suppliers, and sometimes also from customers. The company I worked for was very much smaller, but of course also in the IT field, so it’s not an industry problem.

Now, I understand if you don’t give gifts to your suppliers. Afterall, you already pay them money. However we – as a department – don’t even send out christmas cards or anything like that to our customers. And our suppliers, likewise, send at most christmas cards. We get calenders from some of them. Even the supplier who really fucked up by sending us that liar for a technician didn’t send us anything. And they really have all reasons to grovel a bit – that had not been the only mistake they have made.

I guess it’s just a sign of the times. Or maybe a large corporation is a faceless entity and its employees are just interchangeable numbers. But I do miss getting all the cool and fancy junk, the wine, everything.

Did you get Xmas gifts from your supplier or your customers? What was the coolest you ever got?