Hans is back in the office. And he is now engaged to his girlfriend, our account manager at our “preferred” supplier. The rings will be picked up later this week. “Now I have a year, officially, to decide what I want”, he told us. “Well, actually less than that, I could imagine she is pressed for time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she’ll want a child soon.”

His stated reason for being with this girl is the sex – and because she swallows. I really, really do not need to know that sort of thing about my co-workers. Or about my suppliers, for that matter. But be that as it may, that sounds hardly like a solid foundation for a relationship. Still, she does have Hans whipped, somehow. Before he left for Christmas vacations he had already suspected that she would want to marry him and that he hoped she would not do so in front of her family, “because I will say ‘no’.”

So she did ask, and he did not say no.

“Whipped like the family pig,” as Fez from That 70’s Show would say.