An (internal) customer of ours ordered a tiny shared hosting – And did so via our CEO. They want it set up until 8th of January. So far, no problem, although I must question why our CEO now plays account manager for something that will maybe earn us a few thousand Euros over 3-4 years.

All of the customer’s contact people are on vacation. They do read their emails now and then. I did get almost all information required to set the thing up – except the hostnames.

I suggested and, where would be our corporation’s primary domain name. This was rejected our of product identity reasons. They have now come up with something new which they suggested to their customer.

They did, however, forget to first check the availability of the domain name. It is owned by a domain reseller.

I think the 8th of January may be a bit unrealistic if they insist on that name.

Update: After backpedaling about their suggestion, they have now accepted my initial suggestion – “because it’s easy and quickly implemented”. Would have been quicker had we done it two days ago.