Submitted this in-game ticket:


Battlegrounds still suck.

I already canceled my subscription. What else do you want me to do? Hire some competent employees already, this has been gone on too long. Oh, and, I am still waiting for more than that one lousy free day. Or even some kind of reply to my complaints. Your customer service is the absolute worst I have ever encountered, and that includes such great monopolies as Microsoft and German Telecom. And you have to reach new heights of suckiness to beat those. Now fix it.

I know I will just get an auto-answer “we are aware of the issue bla-bla-bla”. But, really, for a pay-for-play game, at LEAST they could hire a competent service team who keeps players informed and entertained while they have problems.

Meh, Blizzard.


Who of my dear readers has about 10 million Euros sitting around so I can start-up a competitor?

And, no, Rover, Guildwars is just not the same type of game. For someone like me, who plays PvE usually and PvP as an add-on to that, Guild Wars is just too badly designed in the PvE part. I’ll still play, just, not that much.