This is another group who has lost any sort of moderation: Beggars at the central station. When I was younger – before the age of the Euro – beggars would ask for “small change” or even “a few ‘Groschen'” (a Groschen is a colloquial German term for a 0.1 German Mark coin). Nowadays, more often than not, they actually ask for “a couple of Euros”. I am not kidding. And the last time a beggar approached me and claimed “I am so hungry”, I offered to buy him something from the bakery that we were standing in front of. “No thanks,” he replied. “I’d rather have the money.”

Well, not from me, you can be sure of that.

Nowadays I don’t give anything to anybody. I guess this makes me a hardass in some way, but that’s just how it goes. On the other hand I am still trying to figure out how to best help the homeless, confused woman who lives at the tram station near to my apartment. Just because I am really annoyed doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my humanity.